• Video: The Road to 25,000 Jobs

    The Capital SouthEast Connector truly is the road to 25,000 jobs. Study describes the economic impact of constructing the Capital SouthEast Connector (hereafter “Connector”). The Connector, a stretch of 35 mile multi-lane road way, when built, would connect the communities

    Video: The Road to 25,000 Jobs
  • Capital Connections Video

    JPA Executive Director Tom Zlotkowski, Folsom City Council Member Steve Miklos and VSP Global’s Steve Hibbs highlight the need for the Connector and what’s needed to move it forward.

    Capital Connections Video
  • Multiple Jurisdictions Working Together to Reduce Congestion and Create Jobs
  • Video: Reducing Congested VMT

    The Connector will reduce congested vehicle miles traveled. The average commuter spend 40 minutes a day in the car, but the Connector will help reduce regional traffic and enhance good movement by creating a 35 mile bypass between Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento

    Video:  Reducing Congested VMT

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